Wednesday 5 November 2014

Gigabit File uploads Over HTTP - The Node.js version

Gigabit File uploads Over HTTP - The Node.js version

Please see the ASP .Net version of the article. It provides background information that might not be covered here.

Updated version that uses NGINX reverse proxy and asynchronous code

Like it or not JavaScript is everywhere. It can be found in front end applications on the client, it can be found in a variety of frameworks and  libraries, and it can be found in  backend applications in server environments.

The popularity of JavaScript has certainly increased in recent years, and that seems to be because the JavaScript Ecosystem is helping to  improve productivity and to reduced the time it takes to get an application through the door.  So after my first post, in which I blogged about doing Gigabit File uploads using an ASP. NET Web API backend, I decided to see if I could achieve the same thing using Node.js. This means that I will be implementing the "UploadChunk" and the "MergeAll" methods that I spoke about in my last post in Node.js.