Friday 2 October 2015

Getting Started with foreScript

Getting Started with foreScript

I have been using Powershell for some time now and I think that it is a great addition to the toolset of an IT Professional. However the more I used Powershell, the more I found myself having  to write the same pieces of code over and over again in my scripts. Those pieces of code had to do with:

  • Getting a list of computers to run the script against - You know the drill and that meant using a cmdlet to get a list of computers from either a csv file, or a text file, or the command line.
  •  Getting the information for user authentication - If I wanted to run the script as another user I would end up either prompting for the required credentials, or elevating privileges at run time, or even running Powershell as an administrator.
  • Formatting the output of the Powershell scripts for display purposes - This speaks for itself. I have written quite a few Powershell scripts that have code that is only used for converting the  output  into html.

I could have written a module that would handle all of those issues for me and use that module in every Powershell script that I wrote. However I wanted to do much more than that. I wanted to  create a framework that would support the execution of Powershell scripts.